Many have always wandered the need of using social media networks to market their websites for increased traffic and business. It is simple. Social Media Networks have billions of subscribers that are your potential customers. These are not platforms that children use to chat and gossip. These networks are a treasure trove of potential business connections. Never shut your business to the local market only by adopted expensive mass marketing methods as your preferred form of information dissemination. Social Media Networks are great except when businesses use social media networks as their websites. This has a reflection on your level of establishment and can make your brand lose its identity. These are not your company websites but a way of conveying information to potential clients as referral links directing them to your personal website. By doing so it means that the customer can explore other products that you might have not shared on social media networks reducing your online bounce rate.

In the last article I wrote about the importance of having your own business email address. It was a way to show businesses that there is more to business than making sales, there is expansion and continuity. In every branding effort a business invests in, it must be an investment that yields long term value addition. Having your own email could attract new business that could have not been possible otherwise. It is the same with website marketing.

To add, we are expanding to how your website, after construction can be a tool you use to redirect business to yourself. Many may think a website is a waste of money and a huge administrative undertaking but in actuality it is an image of your business that does not need a salary, food, water or sleep. A 24hrs /7 days a week sales person, who just needs a Digital Marketer to point in the direction to increased page views and business returns. Digital Marketing is a tool that is used to add value to the businesses virtual real estate. It might cost you but it is something crucial to include into your marketing budget.

Just to show how affordable it is here is an example:

" A businessman recruits a sales and marketing person at a monthly salary of $600. He is not skilled to handle the digital world but has a lot of knowledge on mass marketing using the conventional modes of information dissemination. For advertising designs they still need to outsource from graphics design firms. "

In this example the businessman has made and committed to a monthly investment of $600 into his company. What he does not know is he has just invested into 29% of the market unknowingly. After costs associated to marketing exclusive of the salary are factored into reality he would have spent well over $1000. It gets worse; in marketing we know that if your approach 10 people and get 3 people buying whatever you were selling, that is a really good ratio. In reality sometimes you can sell a product to 10 and get 1 person or nothing. At a rate of 3 per 10 people approached and buying you are only going to get 9.6% of the market who still receive their information through print.

On the other hand…

"A businessman approaches a web and social media marketing company and pays $150 a month for Digital Marketing. The Digital Marketer has a marketing policy set out for his company that can expose his product to a targeted audience of 3000 people per month. The Digital Marketing Company will use web applications and networks. There no design fees as they are included in the monthly subscription.”

In this example the businessman has chosen to minimise on cost and at the same time tapping into 71% of the market. On social networks it is less arduous to expose your business. It is also easy for the client because whatever they need can be accessed by simply clicking and enquiring or even buying online. Due to the larger market that a business can be exposed to on social media networks the company has a better likeliness of seeing the value of its investment. It also gets better referrals as they enlarge their digital footprint. The internet cannot be erased in the same way a client can take a flier and through it in the bin. There are always traces that allow people to find you.

In conclusion the social media networks are important but let’s not forget about the other 29%. Mass Marketing might not be as popular as before but it is still there. Businesses must increase their digital footprint so that they may attract new opportunities. Go Digital and Go Guided by a skilled Digital Marketing firm.

*In the next article, I will be talking about how to construct a website that reflects your business and in turn reflects back to your bank account.