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We do not offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Our value comes in learning about each client’s business and goals, and tailoring advice and strategy consulting to the specific challenges that the business faces. We get into your business's shoes and help you grow your business's brand equity in local and foreign markets by helping your brands' image align with international customer expectations, harnessing creativity, culture, and technology to conceptualize unified brands that drive value for customers, affecting humanity across the globe.

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We use data and insights to envisage the client customer experience in a different way. We create brands that bring our client's entities closer to their desired clientele. How we create a connected brand and customer experience is through a decade of work experience spanning numerous industrial verticals. Our Agency is characterized as the One-Stop-Shop for branding technically through our ICT and development expertise and also our visual and creative capabilities spanning the entire agency.

Unified Companies

A branding agency that ensures swift execution of brand ideas visually and technically developed to bring client products and services closer to their desired customers. We align your brands to international standards that meet customer expectations by harnessing creativity, culture, and technology.

Good Deal Hosts is a subsidiary of Instant Solutions and Consultancy. It is a hosting company offering Webhosting and Cloud Storage Services. This is not limited to SSL, SSH, Emails, Cron Jobs. the service also has web builders which include WordPress, Joomla, AbanteCart, phpBB, SMF, WHMCS, Open Real EState, MyBB, pH7CMS, Dolphin, Laravel, OpenCart, Concrete CMS, and ClipBucket as free software on offer for free server installation at a click.


Design Integration (DI) in both Visual and Technical Development is one aspect that enables engagement connecting people to the end product.


Our automated design tools enable a faster product production time, resulting in more accurate renderings. This also includes our online digital services.


We are innovative in our thinking with experience in innovation that spans a decade with a service shelf time of at least 5 years before redesign and implementation. 

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Feel at home at the best branding agency to come out of Africa. Our continued emphasis on continuous improvement of services has enabled us to have a 99.9% client retention rate since 2011.

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We have corporate clients with monthly prenegotiated contracts with a flat fee for the design and management of their brands. If you are a corporate this option is for you.

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